Monday, November 21, 2011

Filmmakers and Ruined Family Vacations: A Short Film

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Filmmakers see the world a bit differently than others. A filmmaker's eyes are a camera that's always recording. There are times, however, when a filmmaker needs to know when to put his "camera" on standby and just enjoy the moment. A good example would be while on vacation with his family at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. As this short film illustrates, having a father and/or husband who happens to be an overzealous filmmaker (an award-winning documentary filmmaker, in this particular case) can tear a family apart...

Featuring my daughter Miranda & wife Madelyn | Written & directed by Dan Perez | Produced by The Perez Family | Music by Brimstone127 & lowercasenoises | Special appearance by Buddy the Mischievous Pug

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